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    How to Care for Your Persian Rug from Sedlak Interiors

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Persian rugs are beautiful accessories that add character and depth to your space. When you find an amazing antique rug at Sedlak Interiors, you can maintain its appearance with a few simple care tips. Here is how you can extend the life of your rug, so you can continue to enjoy it in your home for many years:

    Prevent Fading and Discoloration

    The materials used in a Persian rug are able to stand up to a large amount of wear and tear. However, you can do a few things that help you protect the rug. Try to keep it out of direct sunlight. Too much exposure to UV rays can cause the beautiful, rich colors to fade. You should also rotate the rug often to prevent uneven wear.

    Vacuum Regularly

    Vacuuming will get rid of dirt, dust, and other particles that can ruin the aesthetic of your rug. If your Persian rug has fringe, use a vacuum attachment, so you do not accidently damage it. When you vacuum consistently, your rug will retain its original appearance.

    Clean Spots and Spills

    Do not let a simple spill turn into a permanent stain. If you spill something on your rug, clean it up as soon as possible. You should always blot up as much of the stain as you can. Once you have removed the excess moisture, blot on a gentle cleaner until the stain is gone. Finish the process by blotting the area dry.

    With the proper care, your Persian rug will continue to enhance the look of your furniture for years. Come to Sedlak Interiors to find pieces that work in your space. Since 1947, we have been a family-owned business that works hard to please each customer. We also offer a 60-mile delivery radius. For more information, call us today at (440) 248-2424.

    4 Furniture Trends to Keep in Mind When Shopping at Sedlak Interiors

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Filling your home with new furniture adds dimension to your interior design. Transform your décor and add more function to your space by upgrading your furnishings. The next time you shop for new pieces at Sedlak Interiors, consider adding some of the following to your home collection:

    Add Glamour

    Add sophistication and style with furnishings and accessories that enhance the glamour of your overall décor. Look for sharp, stylish colors, quality materials, and interesting frames. When you incorporate elegance into your décor, you instantly increase the aesthetic appeal of your home.

    Choose Multifunctional Furniture

    To make the most of your space, look for versatile furniture that helps you enhance a small space. Coffee tables with extra storage and sofa beds bring more function to your home. They are also available in a variety of attractive options to help you get creative with your décor.

    Go Green

    Updating your home furnishings can help you start living a greener lifestyle, as eco-friendly options are starting to pop up in homes across the country. Look for furnishings that were created using sustainable methods and made from eco-friendly materials.

    Create an Eclectic Feel

    With so many great design styles, you can create a completely unique décor. Incorporate a few of your favorites into your interior design to perfectly blend style and function. Choose a contemporary couch with some antique accessories to bring personality to your space. When you mix and match styles, you can create a truly great décor.

    Sedlak Interiors has the best selection of furniture in Cleveland, so you can furnish your home the way that you want. With top customer and interior design services, we help you find the perfect way to decorate your home. To learn more, visit us online or call us at (440) 248-2424.

    2012 Interior Design and Decorating Trends

    Last updated 6 years ago

    In 2012, decorating trends are moving toward a modern feel that brings style and elegance into a décor. Pops of color, earth tones, and neutral shades can be used in any room of the home.

    Bring contemporary looks into your home with simple furniture and stylish accessories. Use an accent piece to bring some color into your room. Avoid clutter to provide an elegant, modern feel. Watch this video to see some of these decorating trends in action.

    Sedlak Interiors can help you find home furnishings that allow you to build the décor you want. We also offer interior design services to help you transform the look and feel of your home. To learn more about the best furniture in Cleveland, call us today at (440) 248-2424.

    Want To Know How To Pick The Best Furniture For Your Home? Check Out These Links

    Last updated 6 years ago

    The right furniture can make any room look better. Whether you are looking for a replacement piece or want to refurnish a whole room, you want to find furnishings that meet your style and functional needs. The following resources give you some important tips on choosing dining room pieces and removing common furniture stains:

    • Check out this dining room makeover from Elle Décor to get some decorative inspiration for your own space.
    • These tips from will help you choose a dining room table that fits perfectly into your home.
    • Once you have found your ideal dining room table, use this guide from HGTV to find a light fixture to illuminate the room.
    • Use these tips from Martha Stewart to get rid of pet hair and stains on your furniture.
    • The Learning Channel gives you some tips on how to clean wood furniture in this article.

    Sedlak Interiors brings you the best customer service, delivery radius, and selection of furniture in Cleveland. Call (440) 248-2424 for more information.

    3 Tips for Choosing the Best Dining Set for Your Home

    Last updated 6 years ago

    The dining room is often used as the focal point of the entire home. The right dining set gives you the ability to bring together family and friends in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you live on your own or with a family, it is important to find a set around which you can create a home. Use the following tips to choose a dining room table and chairs that will give you the look and feel you want:

    1. Decide on a Style
    One of the first decisions you should make in relation to your dining set is whether you want a casual table for everyday use or a formal table for special occasions. The decorative style you want to achieve will affect the design atmosphere of the entire room. You might want to compromise with a table that allows you to swing between casual and formal.

    2. Find the Perfect Size
    The size of your dining set will also change its overall effect in the room. Take measurements before you go to the furniture store, so you know how much available space you have to work with. You should also choose a set that has enough chairs and place settings. If you have a family of four, for example, you might want to pick a dining table with room for six. This way, you have extra space when you have guests over for a meal.

    3. Complement Your Décor
    It is also important to look for a set that works well with the décor that you have used in the rest of the room. Take notice of the colors and patterns that appear in the space, and find a dining set that enhances the aesthetic appeal that you already have.

    The helpful staff at Sedlak Interiors can help you find a dining set that meets all of your needs. Not only do we have the best selection of quality furniture in Cleveland, but we also offer you free delivery within 60 miles of our store. To learn more, call us at (440) 248-2424.

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