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    Fashion Forward Friday - Trend - Glamour!

    Last updated 24 days ago

    Trends for 2016 - Glamour


    We here at Sedlak Interiors love to indulge, there is nothing like it! When we heard that one of the trends for 2016 was glamour we just could not contain our excitement. From upholstery to accessories, and everything in-between we have what you need to amp up your place. Arriving home from an ongoing office occurrence, enduring endless errands or just juvenilely jetting around all take it out of you. Don’t you need this mirror from John Richard to prime yourself in the morning? Don’t you deserve this alluring chair from Highland House? Turn even the most indolent task such as watching TV into luxury living on this Hickory Chair sofa.


    However you do it; Do it! Pamper yourself, indulge in selfish activity. We all too often forget about our person. Taking care of others is admirable, be it in your professional life or personal. We assist, manage, cater to, prepare, organize and plan for others all with little regard to ourselves. When you do take that moment-that decadent decision to treat You-do you not want to experience it in lavish splendor?


    Dim the John Richard chandelier, sit in your Hancock and Moore chair, pull out a throw from your Theodore Alexander chest, light the Abigails Bonaparte candles and place your glass of wine on the Maitland Smith table you just bought at Sedlak Interiors. Take that instance for you, enjoy life and slow down because you work hard.


    Check out the images below from just a few of the vendors we have to cater to your every whim.



    Hickory Chair

    Theodore Alexander

    Maitland Smith

    Highland House

    Hancock & Moore

    John Richard

    Miles Talbot

    Fashion Forward Friday - Small Space Solutions

    Last updated 1 month ago

    A solution for every space!

    Sedlak Interiors may be huge, but we have plenty of small space pieces to accommodate that tiny corner you just do not know what to do with. Everybody has them, the corner that you just cannot figure out, the narrow hallway that has never been able to accommodate a piece of furniture, the wall space that could use just a little something extra as a functional use in your abode.


    Well, you can maximize every inch of your interior even with the dilemma of an awkward area! Get thinking about that space and check these pieces out below for some ideas on how to do just that!

    Fashion Forward Friday - A Formal Renaissance

    Last updated 1 month ago

    The Return of the Formal Dining Room


    With all the madness in the world these days, and the hectic nature one’s life can take on, it was a refreshing note to see an article in Elle Décor regarding the home trends for 2016 stating that the formal dining room was making a comeback for the impending New Year. Even in commercial applications this trend is making its way into 2016!


    What does this mean for us as home owning citizens of the world? It means gone are the days of eating a meal, that has been painstakingly prepared for hours, in front of the TV. A meal that has been planned for months just to be enjoyed at a table mere feet away from the inevitable mess it has left in the kitchen.


    Imagine sitting down to a meal, nay; banquet that has been meticulously planned and exquisitely executed, plated and served to a place setting of your very own - and in a room specific for that enterprise. The idea of settling in with a select horde of your very best, in a setting where you’ve rescued yourselves from the everyday, gives us all a sense of relief.


    Take a look below at some of the styles and looks Sedlak’s has to offer in the way of formal dining. These dining rooms and plenty more are available now. Or talk to one of our designers about the many ways to customize your way into 2016!


    A few vendors to check out:

    Fine Furniture Designs (and here)

    Calligaris (and here)



    Fashion Forward Friday

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Christmas is Upon Us!

    Are you ready….?


    With but one week remaining till Christmas day, the crowds are out and bustling attempting to maneuver through the masses and stores trying to unearth the perfect gift for each individual that is near and dear to their hearts. With the tight time frame of Thanksgiving and Christmas being so near to one another this year the holidays certainly snuck up on us.


    We here at Sedlak’s have been fortunate enough that we can stop in our pop-up Christmas Shop to pick up the perfect gift. We have something for everyone. Literally, something for everyone! Kooky elves, Byers Dolls, Christmas tree ornaments, décor for the home, lamps, plates, mistletoe, Vietri and much, much more!


    So if you have fallen to the realization that Christmas is one week away, and you hav yet to purchase the perfect presents, come check out our Christmas Shop. And while you are here, take a walk around the store to see the Street of Dreams’ decorations.

    Fashion Forward Friday - Steampunk

    Last updated 1 month ago


    What the punk?


    Steampunk Design is not new, but has seen a resurgence in the passing few years. A mix between the Victorian era style and the industrial revolution, this design was fostered in the mid 70’s and was dubbed “Steampunk” later in the 80’s. Something of a niche culture, however; it seems like a design most people can appreciate for it’s tongue and cheek reaction to the period of origin.


    Imagine a world in which steam power was the principal sort of energy. This eccentric idea is one of the leading influences in the making of steampunk. The film “Wild Wild West”, starring Will Smith, provides an excellent visual to give more of an overall understanding of the genre.


    As we started to look around our galleries, we found that Sedlak’s has many pieces that align nicely to this style. From the overstated flare of our Massoud balloon chair, and regal impact of this Howard Miller grandfather clock down to the simplistic detail on our Uttermost tray set and Maitland Smith clock table. We found more and more as we toured each of our twenty three galleries.


    Other pieces we found are shown below, including:

    Jonathan Charles Etagere

    Wildwood Swirl Chandelier

    Lexington Square Trunk

    Lane Venture Stacked Trunks

    Two’s Company Compas Table

    Butler Serving Cart

    Hermle Clock

    Uttermost Gear Wall Clock


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